At Catherine Regehr, we are committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. We believe that being environmentally conscious is not just an option, but a responsibility. As a family and woman-run business, we have built our brand on a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors. We strive to reflect those values in what we create and how it is produced.

Our sustainability ethos is reflected in our unique approach to production - each garment is cut to order, which means we do not carry any inventory. This process not only eliminates waste but also allows us to optimize our material usage. We also limit our use of novelty fabrics and reuse materials from previous seasons, further reducing our environmental impact.

All of our manufacturing is done entirely in Vancouver, Canada, by a team of highly skilled craftspeople. Our close-knit team shares our dedication to quality and sustainability, we take great care to ensure that everyone involved in the production process is treated fairly and ethically.

At the core of our values is the belief that quality should always come before quantity. We design timeless pieces that are intended to last forever, not just one season. We are inspired by the natural beauty of the North and the Yukon, and we strive to create clothing that reflects that appreciation.

We are committed to being a sustainable and ethical brand, and we will continue to prioritize these values in everything we do. Thank you for supporting Catherine Regehr and our mission to create beautiful, timeless clothing that you can feel good about wearing.